Need a way to keep track of personal items on your next trip? Then check out the Tile! The bluetooth-enabled Tile Mate and Tile Slim, along with the mobile app, allow you track the location of your bag, purse, wallet, keys — essentially any valuable items. Tile uses crowdsourcing to […]

Tile Mate & Tile Slim Review

Ticks can be a gross and harmful nuisance when outdoors, especially when hiking and camping. In this video, we discuss some tips on avoiding and dealing with these parasites if you encounter one on the trail.

How to Deal with Ticks

Looking for ways to meet the minimum spend on your new credit card? In this video, we discuss nine ways to complete your spend requirement. If you’re not a big spender, these tips can help you attain the opening bonus on your new card (so you can start traveling for […]

How to Meet Minimum Spend Requirements

Ever wondered whether dialing 911 works aboard? Or maybe you’re looking a universal emergency number that works around the world. If so, this video is for you! We discuss how to call emergency services when traveling abroad and some things to keep in mind — All of which will make […]

Does Dialing 911 Work Around the World?

We review our June 2017 kayaking trip at the Channel Islands, and provide our highlights and tips for the tour. We used Blue Ocean Kayaking in Oxnard, CA, and had a fantastic time. Along with exploring Anacapa Island’s vast sea caves, we also saw plenty of wildlife while kayaking and […]

Kayaking the Channel Islands

Happy 4th of July! Celebrating the summer with fireworks? If so, don’t forget to be mindful of your pets. With July 5th being the most busy day for animal shelters in the US (mainly due to Independence Day fireworks), it’s important to keep pets safe and protected during the summer […]

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets