It’s no secret that a lot of the content we create here on Trip Astute is inspired by other YouTube channels and travel blogs. So today, I wanted to cover some of my favorite top travel blogs for 2017, particularly ones that I think are useful for travelers.

5. The Points Guy:

This is very well-known points and miles site within the community and with good reason. Brian Kelly started the site in 2010 as a points and miles blog. It’s now a luxury travel and lifestyle brand. In my opinion, TPG is more focused on the luxury traveler, which usually isn’t my style of travel. But I still find the content on the site extremely useful.

4. Lifehacker:

I’ve been reading Lifehacker articles daily for almost 10 years. They have a variety of posts covering everything from technology, productivity, and even travel. We’ve definitely been inspired by some of their articles, like how to stay safe while using free public wifi. They are a great resource for information!

3. Financial Panther:

Having control of your personal finances is an important component of travel, especially if you’re involved in the points and miles hobby. The Financial Panther is a great resource when it comes to learning how to pay off debt, start a side hustle, or even saving money for your next vacation. As a fellow content creator who also has a full-time day job, I have found his content to be extremely relevant to my life. His work has also inspired many of the topics on our website and channel.

2. Local Adventurer:

We love the Local Adventurer and have been inspired by so many of their adventures. Not only do they have a great day trip ideas, but like us, they give you valuable tips to help make the most of your adventure! The site was started by Esther and Jacob, two travelers who relocated from Atlanta to the west coast. They regretted not exploring more of their previous home city. The site is dedicated to finding cool local activities as they’ve moved around.

1. Million Mile Secrets:

Dariaus and Emily started their site in 2011, but quickly became authorities on how to get “big travel on small money.” I’ve been reading their posts since 2012, and they continue to be where we get the most information on points and miles promotions and updates.

And those are our top 5 travel-related blogs for 2017. There are plenty more that we look at every day, but there are daily staples for us.

Do you have a blog that you like to read or find super useful? If so, please let us know in the comment section below.

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