The Canary Home Security System is a multi-sensor camera device that monitors your home while you’re away. It’s a device that works with your smartphone and stores recordings in the cloud — bringing you peace of mind while traveling!

Canary Home Security System Review

The Canary Home Security System is a small cylindrical device that acts as your eyes and ears at home. It’s full of sensors that can detect things like temperature, humidity, and air quality. It also has an HD camera with night vision and motion detection and includes a built-in 90-decibel siren.

It’s the modern equivalent of the “canary in the coal mine”, notifying you when things are unsafe.

Key Features

The unit can connect to your network via wifi or Ethernet cable, and connects to an app on your smartphone.

The app does a couple of cool things:

1. Senses your location 

The app taps into your location services, which allows the Canary to know when household members are away and automatically arm and disarm. The app supports multiple users too.

2. Provides notifications

Canary will not only send you notifications when it detects motion but also when it detects any other anomalies like strange air quality or high humidity. In fact, you can customize the thresholds for the various settings. Also, the Canary will alert you when it loses contact with the unit, signaling either a power or internet outage.

3. Access to your recordings 

Whenever motion is detected when the unit is armed, the device begins recording the video to the cloud.

4. Additional response options

When you’re notified of an event, you have the option to sound the alarm or call emergency services. The siren cannot be set to automatically sound, which I think is a good feature as most events are false alarms. The great thing about the emergency services option is that is stores the contact numbers for local help relative to the Canary. So, if I’m in New York and I need emergency services for my apartment in Los Angeles, it routes to me my local police station in LA.

5. Flex Camera

Canary has also added a new Flex camera to its lineup which allows you to expand your surveillance capabilities, both indoors and outdoors. I personally don’t have a need for one at the moment, since I live in a tiny place, but I can see why someone with a large home would want to use it.

6. Privacy

Privacy is always a concern when it comes to internet-connected devices, especially ones with cameras. Canary allows you to adjust your privacy settings. For example, you may not want to have the camera on when you’re home, while others may want to record any motion that is detected in an area of their house.

The Canary Home Security System is essentially my eyes and ears at home when I’m away. While I haven’t experienced a break-in, it gives me peace-of-mind knowing that I can monitor my home’s condition wherever I am far away.

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