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We previously reviewed the 2nd quarter rotating bonus categories for the Chase Freedom and discussed how Chase Pay is one of the 5% bonus categories. It seems like Chase is really trying to promote their service, especially given the growth of mobile payments platforms like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. Though I think a lot of people have wondered how to use Chase Pay in order to earn the extra points. Is it like Apple Pay or Android Pay?

Not quite, to be honest. When using the app, it’s more like a cross between Apple Pay and paying with the Starbucks app. You basically use a QR code that’s scanned by the cashier. This means that the number of places that can accept payment is limited, but will likely grow over time.

To activate Chase Pay, you can download the Chase Pay app from the Apple or Google app store and log in with your Chase account username and password. You can also go to your Chase account and click on the Chase Pay link in the right-hand column. You’ll need to determine which card will be your default card, and you may also be prompted to call Chase to activate the program on your account.

You can then use Chase Pay in two ways. If you look at the list of larger merchants that accept Chase Pay, you’ll see that they either accept it online or via the Chase Pay app. If they accept the Chase Pay app, it means that you can pay in the store using the QR code generated by the app.

So, before you jump in and start using Chase Pay, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Things to Consider When Using Chase Pay

1. Chase Pay doesn’t work with business accounts and profiles:

This really annoys me. I couldn’t get my Chase Pay app to activate. What I found out was that since I have my business and personal profiles merged online, I am unable to use Chase Pay. When they combined my account, they basically moved my personal accounts into my business one. This means that the account registers as a business profile. Chase customer support did offer to separate my accounts again, but I decided against it since I prefer having the combined view.

I don’t know why Chase doesn’t allow their business accounts to use Chase Pay. Business account users can’t use Apple Pay either on business credit cards, but I’m hoping that things change soon.

2. Cashiers often mistake Chase Pay with Apple or Android Pay:

Don’t be surprised if you have to tell cashiers how to process your Chase Pay payments. When we tried to use it, the cashier instructed us to hold the phone next to the reader. We had to insist that they scan the QR code. Once they did it, it worked. So, just know that the technology is still a bit new. You may have to explain how Chase Pay is different than other payment platforms when making a purchase in-store.

3. Check offers in the app:

The Chase App will show offers that you can take advantage of, as well as local merchants that accept Chase Pay. Fiona noticed that she had a $10 welcome offer loaded on her app for using Chase Pay for the first time.

4. Redeeming points for gift cards:

While I don’t recommend doing this, you do have the option of redeeming points toward gift cards. This can then be loaded directly into the app as an e-gift card. It looks really convenient, but again, if you’re trying to get the most value from your points, I suggest redeeming them for travel.

5. If you have a Chase Freedom card, make sure you activate the bonus category:

Chase has been offering a 5% bonus for Chase Pay this past quarter and continuing to offer the bonus from April to June 2018. If you have a Chase Freedom card, make sure you also activate the bonus category.

Have you used Chase Pay? If so, did you use it online or on the app? Please share your experience below in the comment section.

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