On our way to Bath, England, we decided to pull off the main highway and fly our DJI Spark drone. We stumbled upon an open field, which was a perfect place to launch. We were able to capture the beautiful countryside. Some of the landscape was still covered by the recent snowstorm.

This was our first or two drone flights on our way to Bath, so check out our aerial footage from Somerset if you want to see footage from the second stop. Also, check out our drone footage from Bath!

If you fly in the cold weather, make sure to either warm your batteries or hover your drone for a few minutes before going full blast with the controls. Also, be very careful of trees and water. Both have the potential to disrupt your GPS and controller signal/connection. I recommend looking for open spaces where you have a clear signal. This also helps to maintain a direct visual line of sight (VLOS) of your drone.

For more information on drones, check out our:

If you want to get even more serious about drones, consider getting an FAA 107 certification. While you can study for the test without a prep course, we recommend the Drone Pilot Ground School course taught by UAV Coach. We completed the course in January 2018 and passed the certification test with a 95%. Getting your FAA 107 certificate is not required for hobbyist pilots. However, you’ll learn a lot of fundamental aviation concepts that will make you a better drone operator and pilot.

If you’re interested, UAV Coach is offering our audience $50 off their Drone Pilot Ground School course. Just use TRIPASTUTE50 when signing up!


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