Portable safes seem to be a hot travel item lately. I know we’ve received a lot of questions and comments on some of the ones that we’ve reviewed in the past, including the Loctote Flak Sack II. The Flak Sack II is a both a portable safe and backpack, which is why we’re excited to share our review of the Loctote AntiTheft Sack 3L. It’s the latest portable safe from Loctote, and the most portable and lightweight bag from the company so far.

Loctote generously sent us the AntiTheft Sack 3L to test and review prior to its release this week. Keep in mind that even though they sent us this portable safe, this is not a paid review and we are not being influenced to evaluate this product in any way.

Key features of the AntiTheft Sack 3L

Here are some of the main features of the AntiTheft Sack 3L.

1. Material:

The bag features Loctote’s proprietary material called Flaknit which they developed with Honeywell. The material feels like the one found on the Flak Sack Sport model. Like all their products, it’s designed to be lightweight and slash resistant.

The material is also water resistant, which makes it perfect for the pool or beach.

2. Internal pocket and organization:

Like the Flak Sack II, the bag has a clean and smooth fabric lining, carabiner for your keys, and even an RFID pocket that can accommodate a passport and small wallet. While RFID isn’t really an issue with US-based credit cards, it’s still a nice feature to have and could be especially useful when using a contactless card overseas or a hotel key.

3. Reinforced locking strap:

Like it’s siblings, the AntiTheft Sack has a double-steel reinforced locking strap with stainless steel grommets. The strap would require special tools to cut and significant effort to steal. To lock the AntiTheft Sack, you’ll want to follow the same process as the larger bags. Simply pull the shoulder ropes tight, then pull on the locking strap until the stainless steel grommets are visible. Wrap the locking strap around an immovable or large object, then run the lock through the grommets and the steel ring. This creates a tight enclosure.

4. Brass lock:

I love the fact that Loctote includes a solid brass lock. A lot of companies include plastic or cheaper locks which tend to be the weakest point. Loctote, on the other hand, includes a solid brass three-number combination lock. It also has a weathered look, which is a nice touch. It’s even a different design than what was provided with their other bags.

5. One-piece design:

The sack is designed from one piece and uses their ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene thread in the seams. This makes the bag extremely resistant to rips. You won’t have to worry about the bottom of the bag falling apart like you would with cheaper bags.

6. Carry pouch:

The AntiTheft sack comes with a nylon pouch that allows you to roll-up and compress the sack when not in use. This allows you to pack it easily in your suitcase or daypack.


The bag measure around 11.25 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width. In terms of capacity, it holds about three liters, hence the name 3L. This bag is meant to carry your small personal items, like your keys, wallet, passport, jewelry, phone, and glasses. You can also fit a small tablet or e-reader inside, though it would be tight with other items.

Slash test

I know we’ve done a couple of portable safe reviews, so I thought I’d try to cut through the material. For this test, I used my Spyderco Pacific Salt Marine knife which has a sharp serrated blade. This is the knife that I use while diving or snorkeling when I’m concerned about getting tangled in kelp. This knife easily slices through most materials, so it’s probably more than most thieves would carry.

The AntiTheft sack was able to withstand a cut from this serrated knife. I thought the serrations would catch the fabric. However, the material had enough surface density to cause the knife to slip rather than cut through.

Final thoughts

I really like the AntiTheft Sack 3L! I think it meets the needs of travelers who want a protective safe when at the pool or beach, but don’t want to pack and carry a larger or heavier bag. At this size, there’s no excuse not to carry one of these sacks. I still prefer the Flak Sack II, but only because I always carry a laptop and several cameras when traveling, so I need the additional capacity. I love that I have a protective safe wherever I go, and it’s been useful when staying at smaller hotels and Airbnbs where there isn’t always an available safe.

You might be thinking that someone with large tools can probably get through this bag, and you’re probably right! Though that’s not what this bag is designed to do. It’s meant to deter the common thief that may try to steal your stuff at the pool, beach, or your room. This thief is unlikely to be carrying bolt cutters and is going to be focused on easier targets. If I had to choose between leaving my belongings under a towel or putting it in this sack and attaching it to a fence or large beach chair, I think the choice is clear.

The bag is available on Loctote’s website and Amazon and costs $59. Loctote’s motto is to allow you to “live more and worry less.” If you want to learn more about the company and how they came up with their products while traveling, it’s worth reading their story. Their original Flak Sack was designed after the founder had his belongings stolen while swimming on vacation. From this experience, they sought out to provide quality products that protect your belongings and give you peace of mind. I think this new product continues that mission.

Do you use a portable safe? What do you think of the AntiTheft Sack 3L? Let us know in the comment section below.

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