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We’ve done several reviews of Loctote products over the past year, from their Flak Sack II to their AntiTheft 3L sack. These portable security products have become very popular in the past year or so. As more people are traveling with electronics and expensive gear, innovative entrepreneurs are looking for ways to keep travelers safe. This is one such example — a backpack designed to provide additional protection than your standard daypack. In our Loctote Cinch Pack review, we examine how this latest bag from Loctote can help improve your travel security and peace of mind.

Loctote Cinch Pack in upright position
The Loctote Cinch Pack is a full-size backpack/daypack

Loctote generously sent us their latest product, called the Cinch Pack, to test and review. Keep in mind that even though they sent us this portable safe, this is not a paid review and we are not being influenced to evaluate this product in any way.

Features of the new Cinch Pack

1. Size:

Loctote Cinch Pack next to the Flak Sack II and AntiTheft 3L Sack
Loctote’s Cinch Pack next to the Flak Sack II and AntiTheft 3L Sack

You’ll notice that this backpack is much larger than the other portable safes made by Loctote. It has a capacity of 22 liters and can easily accommodate a 15.5-inch laptop and other gear. The bag has multiple attachment points for the front buckle depending on how much is in the bag.

2. Material and appearance:

Loctote Flak Sack Sport Giveaway
The Cinch Pack uses the same lightweight but durable fabric as the Loctote Flak Sack Sport bag

The bag features the same slash-resistant material as their Flak Sack Sport bag. This fabric is made from a blend of Loctote’s ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, polyester, and ceramic fiber. This makes the material lightweight yet still protective. The fabric has a level 4 cut rating. This is the same rating used in commercial gloves and clothing to protect against sheet metal, glass, and sharp knives.

Even the threads are made with the tough polyethylene fibers, making the bag extremely durable and tough.

The Flak Sack II is still the most heavy-duty bag made by Loctote

It’s not as heavy duty as the Flak Sack II bag, which has the proprietary Flaknit material with an A9 cut level protection rating. Though the material still provides a substantial level of slash protection with much less weight. The fabric is also water resistant, protecting your gear when you’re in wet situations.

Loctote Cinch Pack's brass grommet on the leather handle
The Cinch Pack features leather handles and brass grommets

The top hood of the backpack is made of waxed canvas, and the handles and attachment loops on the bag are made of leather. There are grommets on the bag that are made of brass, making it tough to tear or pull apart. The entire bag is also treated with a water and stain resistant coating.

Like other Loctote products, the quality of the bag is top notch. Everything from the stitching to the hardware on the bag is well applied and constructed with solid materials.

3. Laptop sleeve:

Fleece-lined laptop pocket in the Loctote Cinch Pack
The laptop sleeve/pocket can accommodate computers up to 15.5 inches

The Cinch Pack has a padded laptop sleeve inside that fits laptops up to 15.5 inches. The sleeve has a soft fleece liner on one side, which protects your laptop from scratches.

4. Internal pockets and RFID protection:

Loctote Cinch Pack's RFID protected internal pocket and marketing literature
The internal zipper pocket is also RFID protected

Like other Loctote bags, the Cinch Pack has internal pockets for smaller items, as well as a clip for your keys. The backpack also features a fleece-lined RFID-protected zipper pocket inside the bag. This is perfect for your passport or contactless cards.

5. External pockets:

Loctote Cinch Pack's side pocket holding a black S'well water bottle
The Cinch Pack has two side pockets that can accommodate a 1-liter water bottle

The bag features two external side pockets that can fit a 1-liter bottle. These pockets can also hold umbrellas and small camera tripods.

Loctote Cinch Pack's rear external hidden zipper pocket
Hidden zipper pocket on the backside of the Cinch Pack

The backside of the bag has a secret zipper pocket. I noticed that the pocket uses is a high-quality water-resistant YKK Aquaguard zipper. These zippers have a lip that seals when zipped, giving you extra protection from the elements. This a perfect place to store tickets or anything else that you want to access without having to open the backpack’s main compartment.

YKK Aquaguard zipper on the Loctote Cinch Pack
The hidden pocket uses a premium YKK Aquaguard zipper which is water-resistant

6. Steel-reinforced locking straps:

Loctote Cinch Pack's leather and brass attachment points and handle
The reinforced locking straps double as the shoulder straps

The locking strap for the bag also doubles as the wearable shoulder straps. Double steel-reinforced wires are inside the tightly woven strap and are rated for 1,000 pounds of force. Loctote uses their ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers in these straps. The material is supposed to be stronger than Kevlar, making them extremely cut resistant and durable.

Loctote Cinch Pack's brass strap adjustment hardware
The strap length can be adjusted via the brass buckle

The straps are adjustable in length and have brass hardware pieces to help fine-tune the fit.

7. Integrated lock:

Loctote Cinch Pack's integrated three-number combination lock
The Cinch Pack includes an integrated brass lock that’s connected to the shoulder strap

Most times when you get a lock included with a bag or suitcase, it’s generally lacking in quality. This is not the case for Loctote. They include a solid three-number combination lock made of brass. The lock is integrated into the shoulder strap on one side of the bag, so you won’t accidentally forget to pack it with the bag.

Brass carabiner strap attachment on Loctote Cinch Pack
A brass carabiner is on the other shoulder strap of the Cinch Pack

Also, in case you’re wondering, the other strap has a brass carabiner clip that attaches to a stainless steel ring.

8. Bottle opener:

Loctote Cinch Pack's front sliding brass buckle with branding
The brass slide hook can be used to open bottles

A small but interesting feature is the brass slide hook. It doubles as a bottle opener, which is very cool!

How to lock the Cinch Pack

To lock the bag, simply pull the shoulder ropes tight, then pull on the locking strap until the stainless steel grommets are visible. The Cinch Pack has several steel grommets which give you additional flexibility. This is helpful, especially when the bag is full. It’s great that Loctote added more grommets to the strap. I’ve noticed that it can be difficult to close my other portable safes when they’re full.

Loctote Cinch Pack in locked position with the integrated three-number combination lock
Securing the Cinch Pack is easy and effective

Once the grommets are visible, you can wrap the lock strap around an immovable or large object, then run the lock through the steel grommets. This creates a tight closing that would difficult to compromise and open.

Loctote Cinch Pack secured with brass carabiner instead of lock
You may not want or need to lock the bag in all situations. That’s where the carabiner comes in handy!

You can also use the other strap that has a brass carabiner clip if you just want to secure the bag near you without locking it. This could be useful if you’re more concerned about someone quickly grabbing your bag and running off. I can definitely see this being useful in situations like cafes or restaurants.

Size and capacity

Internal cavity space of the Loctote Cinch Pack
The Cinch Pack has a lot of space for your valuables

In term of size, the bag measures 20 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. The weight of the bag when empty is 2.6 lbs or 1.17 kgs. And mentioned earlier, it has a capacity of 22 L.

Things that I wish were different

1. Side pockets:

Close-up of side pocket on the Loctote Cinch Pack
I would love to see elastic side pockets on the next iteration of the Cinch Pack

While I appreciate having two side pockets on the bag, I wish they were elastic or adjustable. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I think it would enhance the versatility of the pockets.

2. Long term comfort:

Since the locking straps efficiently function as the backpack shoulder straps, I’m concerned about the comfort of the bag when being worn for a long period of time. My favorite backpacks tend to have more cushioning and sweat-resistant materials on the straps and backside of the bag, making them comfortable for extended wear, especially in hot weather. Also, I prefer to have a sternum strap, especially when I’m carrying a lot of weight.

I’m definitely being nitpicky, but it’s something that I personally wish was included with the backpack. As a travel gear reviewer, it’s something that I consider when I look at potential daypacks for trips and outdoor adventures.

Man walking on the sidewalk wearing a Loctote Cinch Pack
The Cinch Pack works well as a daily backpack. Though it may not be as comfortable for periods of extended wear.

Your use case might not require you to wear the backpack for extended periods of time. As a daily backpack for short excursions or commutes, I think the Cinch Pack works perfectly. It seems like a great backpack for urban and daily use, especially with all the security features built-in.

Fabric concerns

We had a few people recently comment on our video channel that they were able to cut open their Loctote AntiTheft 3L bag with a sharp knife and scissors. That may be a concern to you since this bag is made of the same Sport fabric material. However, my attempts to cut through the fabric on the AntiTheft 3L sack with a serrated knife did not work. I believe that the fabric is slash-resistant to a reasonable extent. Like every system or safe, it can be defeated. However, the point of the bag isn’t to stop the determined or hardcore thief. It’s meant to deter the common thief who is looking for the easiest target of opportunity. For that purpose, Loctote’s bags provide enough resistance to thwart the average thief.

Attempting to cut the Loctote Sport fabric on the AntiTheft 3L Sack with a serrated knife
I was unsuccessful at cutting through the Sport fabric when reviewing the Loctote AntiTheft 3L Sack

If you do have concerns about it, then I suggest considering their Flak Sack II bag. The Flaknit material on that bag is the toughest material that I’ve ever seen or used. If you don’t believe me, then you should check out some of the tests performed by Loctote. They pit the Flak Sack II against axes, guns, trucks, and other destructive situations. While it doesn’t always win, you can see how well the bag fares when compared to other fabrics.

Where to buy the Loctote Cinch Pack

The bag launched on Indiegogo on January 29, 2019, and costs $185. The price is a pre-order promotion until they officially release it on their website for $239. If you’re interested in this bag, I recommend pre-ordering it from their Indiegogo campaign.

Loctote Cinch Pack pre-order page on Indiegogo
The Cinch Pack is available for pre-order on Indiegogo

Loctote’s motto is to allow you “live more and worry less.” Their original Flak Sack was created after the founder had his belongings stolen while swimming on vacation. This is always a fear of mine whenever I’m at the beach. They’ve definitely sought out to provide quality products that protect your belongings and give you peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Man in black shirt wearing Loctote Cinch Pack outside
The Cinch Pack is not only extremely functional, but also very attractive

The Loctote Cinch Pack is a well-designed and attractive backpack. I can see how this backpack addresses specific situations where you need to walk away from your bag and belongings. Situations like when you’re at a cafe and need to order another drink or use the restroom. Or even when you’re at the beach or pool and might not have eyes on your belongings. It’s extremely functional and provides a lot of options to protect your valuables both in your daily life and travels.

What do you all think of the Loctote Cinch Pack? Do you think it’s a backpack suited for your travels? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  • Why didn’t they use the same strong material the A9.. super cut proof on ALL of their bags..?? And ALSO make them ALL water proof..?? THAT would have been the BEST way to go..and ALSO making ALL the SHOULDER STRAPS more comfortable..

    • I think it might be since the A9 fabric is fairly heavy. My Flak Sack 2 actually weights more than the Cinch Pack due to the A9 fabric. That being said, I would love to see them use A9 in more of their products.


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