Backpacks or daypacks are a must-have item when traveling. Though when you’re carrying electronics and camera gear, having a specialized pack can be extremely helpful. In this video/post, we’re reviewing the Lowepro Viewpoint BP 250 AW backpack and sharing why we think it’s one of the best travel backpacks for photographers and videographers.

For years, my “go to” backpack has been an Osprey daypack that was part of my Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack. Osprey makes great gear, and I love the lightweight design of the pack. It’s always felt comfortable to wear, and I still recommend Osprey day packs for travel and outdoor use.

The only problem that I seem to have lately is that I am carrying more video equipment. Between my Canon G7X, GoPro, and my DJI Spark drone, I struggle to keep them neatly packed and protected.

Enter the Lowepro Viewpoint BP250 AW backpack. Fiona got me this pack for Christmas, and I used it on our recent trip to Europe. After walking through the streets of London, Barcelona, and Lisbon, I can honestly say that I absolutely love this pack.

Things I Like About the Lowepro Viewpoint BP 250 AW

Besides being extremely well-made and high quality, especially with the ballistic polyester material, I wanted to share some of the features of this backpack that I find extremely useful.

1. Customizable compartment pack:

The Lowepro Viewpoint backpack has a compartment in the lower section of the pack that looks like a packing cube. However, it’s actually a customizable case that can store all sorts of electronic equipment. The dividers are held by velcro, and even have padded sections for spare batteries. The top fold of the case has elastic bands which are perfect for your cables and accessories. I use mine to primarily carry my Spark drone, controller, spare battery, and accessories. But you can use this compartment for any type of equipment.

When I’ve had to go through security checks while traveling and show the contents of my bag, it’s was easy to pull out the case and have everything organized. I even had to check the case into security when I visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and it was a simple process handing over my drone case and not having all kinds of loose objects.

Also, if you don’t want to use the compartment space, you can covert the bag into a full-size backpack by removing an internal divider and extending the top pocket.

2. Laptop and tablet pockets:

This backpack has two sleeves on the side closest to your back. One sleeve is deeper than the other, and can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop. The other fits a smaller laptop or tablet.

3. Built-in rain cover:

One of the worst feelings when traveling with all your gear is encountering wet weather. The last thing you want is for your gear to get soaked because of a downpour. While you can buy a backpack cover, this one actually has one built-in at the bottom. I didn’t need to use it during my trip, but it was really nice knowing that I had the feature.

4. Lots of straps and attachments:

The backpack has a lot of straps and attachments on the outside, making it easy to clip or hold any items. This is perfect if you need to attach clothing or a towel that needs to be aired out.

5. Lots of pockets:

I love the side pocket of this backpack. It’s really deep, which helps to secure water bottles. It’s also has a lot of capacity. In fact, I was able to hold both a GorillaPod flexible tripod and a S’well water bottle in the pocket without any issues.

The outside also has discreet pockets which were perfect for packing my boarding pass. The top compartment also has a netted pocket for important items that you may want to keep separate.

6. Headphone strap:

The top compartment has a convenient strap for headphones. While I didn’t personally use it, I thought it was a nice touch, especially if you travel with large noise-cancelling headphones.

7. Padded back and straps:

Even though this is a bigger daypack than I am used to carrying, it was still comfortable to wear thanks to the padding on the back and the straps. I am curious to see how the pack performs when I wear it during the summer, but based on the design, I think it will do well.

Things I Dislike About the Lowepro Viewpoint BP 250 AW

In case you can’t tell, I absolutely love this backpack. However, there are a couple of cons that you should be aware of with this bag.

1. No color choices:

The backpack only comes in black. While that’s not a problem for me, I would like to see more color choices for the pack.

2. Visible branding:

The Lowepro branding is visible on the lower part of the pack, on the backside. Lowepro is a well-known and reputable camera bag brand, so it’s possible that the bag could generate some unwanted attention while traveling. While I would have preferred either hidden or more discreet branding, it definitely was not a deal breaker for me.

Final Thoughts

I think that this is an awesome backpack, especially for photographers and videographers. The backpack runs around $100 on Amazon and seems to be rated highly by other reviewers. If you’re a traveler that carries a lot of camera gear and/or a drone, I highly recommend checking out this backpack.

Do you have a favorite backpack that you use for travel? Let us know if you have any backpack recommendations, especially for camera gear and drones.

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