As many of you know, there aren’t many quality minimalist wallets that cater to the needs of us credit card points collectors. Most minimalist wallets assume that a person only needs one or two cards in their wallet. However, we tend to carry multiple cards in hopes of maximizing bonus points towards free travel. The Nodus Compact Coin Wallet, a minimalist wallet designed for both card and coin carry, is one that seems to address our needs. In fact, it was recommended by one our YouTube subscribers (thank you Jerry P.!).

Nodus: The brand

Nodus is a company based in the UK that started in 2013. They wanted to create products that improve the interaction and experience with items that we use most often. This includes things like wallets, phone cases, and tablet cases. Nodus is known for using extremely high-quality Italian leathers. The leather is top grain, vegetable tanned, and ethically and sustainably produced and sourced. High-quality leather is not only more durable and desirable, but also tends to age well. Quality leather will often develop a patina that is often considered more beautiful with age.

While Nodus generously sent us this wallet to review, I want to emphasize that this is not a paid review. We’re not being influenced to review this wallet in any way. As always, we want to ensure the integrity of our reviews and share our honest opinions and thoughts.

Highlights of the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet

Let’s jump into the highlights of the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet.

1. Capacity for up to 17 cards:

The wallet can accommodate up to 17 cards in the main center pocket. While I don’t recommend carrying that many, it’s nice to have the flexibility when carrying multiple credit cards in your wallet.

I prefer the zipper style wallet since it not only keeps everything secure and lint-free, but also allows me to rotate cards in and out of my wallet without worrying about stretching pockets. Stretched pockets are a common problem with traditional leather bi-fold and tri-fold wallets.

2. RFID protection:

While RFID isn’t much of a threat here in the US, it seems to be a bigger concern abroad due to contactless payment cards. The wallet has RFID shielding built into the main pocket keeping your card information safe and protected.

3. Two external pockets:

This is a very unique and functional feature of this wallet. The two external pockets do not have RFID protection, which makes it perfect for metro passes, office badges, and even hotel keys. Using the RFID or wireless capabilities for cards in these slots means that you don’t need to remove them from the pocket.

Front exterior pocket of Nodus Compact Coin Wallet
The exterior pocket is perfect for my metro pass (which uses RFID).

4. Internal organization pockets:

While the cards are meant to occupy the center, the wallet has an expandable pocket on one side that can hold coins. In the US, we’re not accustomed to carrying coins, but they are much more common when traveling. Also, you can repurpose the pocket to hold a few additional cards or small items (e.g., a Tile)

Inside view of the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet
The large pocket can accommodate a lot of coins.

The other side of the wallet has a shallow pocket for your cash. Though like other minimalist wallets, you’ll need to fold your notes into thirds in order for them to fit inside. This isn’t an issue for most people since cash is used less frequently nowadays. However, if you happen to use cash often in your daily life, you may want to find a wallet that allows you to bi-fold your cash instead.

Cash pocket inside of Nodus Compact Coin Wallet
Cash pocket which requires that notes be folded in thirds.

Lastly, the cash pocket has a slot for a key. I love this feature! Even if you generally carry your keys in your pocket, it’s convenient having a place to hold a key, especially when traveling. I’ve only seen a few wallets with this feature, so it’s a nice touch.

Key slot inside of Nodus Compact Coin Wallet
Innovative and convenient key slot inside of the wallet.

5. High-quality leather:

We’ve already covered that Nodus uses vegetable-tanned Italian leather. However, it’s worth noting that the leather does feel and look very premium. It has a nice texture, which gives it a more luxury feel when compared to other wallets. This wallet will definitely age well and should develop a beautiful patina.

Nodus branding outside of the Compact Coin Wallet
The texture of the premium leather on the wallet.

6. Compact size:

The wallet is perfect for front-pocket carry. It measures 2.7 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The thickness will depend on how much you put inside the wallet.

7. Packaging and branding:

The packaging used by Nodus is impressive. The wallet arrived in a microfiber pouch inside of a nicely decorated cardboard box.

Nodus wallet packaging and pouch
The Nodus Compact Coin Wallet arrived in this decorative box and quality microfiber pouch.

Nodus’ brand symbol is an octopus and is discreetly marked on the wallet. It appears to be stamped or iron branded into the leather, contributing to the overall quality of the finish.

Nodus branding inside the Compact Coin Wallet
Attractive and discreet Nodus octopus branding.

Things I wish were different

The only aspect of the wallet that I wish was different would be the inclusion of more robust zippers. I would love to see Nodus add water resistant or locking zippers to the Compact Coin wallet. It’s not a deal breaker, but more of a wishlist item for me.

Final thoughts

This wallet is available on the Nodus website for £60, which is about $75 to $80 USD. That may seem expensive, but keep in mind the quality of the leather and craftsmanship. The company offers a generous five-year warranty on their products, which shows that they stand by their customers. Also, Nodus offers free worldwide shipping for orders over £30.

The Compact Coin Wallet is a great choice for those of you looking for an everyday or travel wallet. It has the capacity to hold a lot of cards, which is also useful for those of us in the credit card points hobby. The wallet is similar to other minimalist wallets that we’ve reviewed, but it does have some unique features that distinguish it from the others. After trying out this wallet, I’m excited to learn more about Nodus and their other products.

Lastly, we’re going to do a review of their Compact Card Wallet soon, which is more of a traditional minimalist wallet. While this type of wallet tends to be too small for my daily life, I generally carry a lot less with me when traveling. I usually carry cash, a credit card, a debit card, a photocopy of my passport, and an ID. I look forward to seeing how this wallet fits into my travel set-up.


(UPDATE: Congratulations to Brandon C. for winning the giveaway!)

Finally, Nodus would like to giveaway one of their Compact Coin Wallets to our audience. Entering our giveaway is simple. All you need to do is fill in the form below or visit our giveaway page. You don’t have to purchase anything and there are multiple ways to enter and gain entries.

By signing up for our social media channels, you’ll not only earn an extra entry into the contest, but you’ll also get content that we share outside of YouTube and our website. All you have to do is click on any or all of the options to enter. The more options you complete, the more entries that you’ll earn. And of course, there’s no pressure to enter! The contest runs until Friday, November 9th, and we’ll randomly select one lucky winner on November 10th. Nodus will then ship out the prize to the winner! Also, the giveaway is open to everyone, not just US residents.

What are your thoughts on the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet? How would this wallet help you during your travels? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  • I really like the fact that the wallet has the potential to hold 17 cards. Looks thin enough to fit in a front pocket without added bulk. Looks like this will be my next wallet. Thank you for posting the video on this wallet.

  • Oh, I didn’t see the key compartment on your YouTube review! This just became even more attractive to me. I’ve been looking for a minimalist purse/wallet with separate compartments to replace my current coin purse. Beautiful!

  • I have been following Nodus products for a while. Their design and craftsmanship look top notch. And it looks sleek as hell.

  • This wallet would help me travel by allowing easy carrying of my credit cards. My wallets right now have thin pockets that get stretched out.

  • Well since I carry just cards with little to no cash,keys,coins and maybe receipts it’ll save me from carrying around a bulky wallet while I am traveling.

  • Wish i seen this before the Bellroy card wallet as it holds two more cards and has a dedicated key slot holder instead of Bellroy’s sim card holder so the Nodus Compact is more useful and of course it has RFID protection and i can still tap. I will have to upgrade!

  • Such a handy wallet for travelling, I don’t need or want to take all of my cards with me when I am away from home

  • I have an old coin wallet similar to this but it’s 20 something years-old & falling apart. I use mine regularly to keep my cash separate in the event my actual wallet was stolen or lost. I would love to win this.

  • The amazing Nodus wallet is small and compact, yet large enough to hold all my necessities, with RFID protection my focus can be on other things.

  • This wallet is so compact and would fit into my back pants pocket. A slim wallet can fix my sitting posture where a fat wallet can’t.

  • Hi,

    I know the review is some days old but I hope somebody still reads this.

    I’d like to know if the coins will stay inside their pocket or will they be distributed over the whole wallet over time?


    • When the wallet is zipped up, the coins tend to stay compressed and secured. For normal wear, I haven’t noticed coins moving outside of the pocket.
      Hope that’s helpful!


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