I love traveling light, but I have to admit that I’ve recently found myself carrying a lot more stuff than usual, especially when it comes to electronics. Between my new camera and drone, I’ve added a lot more gear. But where I notice it the most when I am packing chargers and cables for our trips.

I wanted to share how I manage all these electronic accessories, and provide you some tips to keep your load nice and light.

Just to start out, I thought I’d give you a quick breakdown of what I am currently carrying. First off are my cameras, which includes a Panasonic Lumix GH5, a GoPro Hero 4, and a DJI Mavic Air drone. I also carry my Macbook Pro 15 inch laptop with me everywhere. With just this equipment alone, I have to carry all of these chargers with me, which really adds a lot of bulk to my bags. This doesn’t even include the accessories as well, like tripod, card readers, car chargers, and memory cards.

My Packing Process

So, the first thing that I do is to segment what I need to carry in my backpack versus what I can leave in my suitcase. Things that I carry with me include phone charging cables, USB charger, spare battery, and laptop charger. Everything else, like my camera and drone chargers, can stay in my suitcase since I’m unlikely to need them while in transit to my destination.

Now the fun begins. To organize the chargers that I carry in my backpack, I use an electronics organizers. I’ve been using the Travelon Urban Tech Accessory Organizer, which works great. I like that it’s lightweight and simple. You basically have two sides with zippered pockets. One side is a larger zippered pocket meant to bigger items while the other side is mesh pocket that is split into two. What I love about the split design is that it makes it much easier to locate smaller items like memory cards or batteries that can easily get lost in a larger pocket.

Lastly, the middle pockets work great for holding smaller cables like USB or lightning cables and earphones. I really like that this keeps the cables separate and neat. I used to shove my cables into a backpack pocket, and whenever I would pull them out, they would be all tangled. So this is a much better solution for me.

The whole thing folds up neatly and can be adjusted based on how much you are carrying. The organizer is really well designed and great quality.

For everything else, which is mostly the bulky camera and drone chargers, I just use a combination of pouches. It usually ends up being my old gear pouches from Waterfield Design. I have two of these pouches in different sizes. Though if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, you can always go with the Eagle Creek Pac-It Sacs. I use these for non-liquid toiletries, but you can also use them for chargers. They are fairly cheap and extremely durable too.

Additional Tips

1. Look for redundant chargers or cables:

Sometimes you get away with carrying fewer chargers or cables. For example, my drone charger has two USB charging ports in addition to the battery charger itself, which makes it double as a phone and tablet charger.

2. Consider using adapters rather than carrying another cable:

If you have devices that charge via USB, but have different connectors, you may want to consider buying a small and cheap adapter. For example, you can get ones that can convert a micro USB to either a USB-C or lightning connector. This would allow you to carry one cable and adapter, rather than two separate cables.

3. Carry multi-port chargers:

If you need to charge multiple devices at once, or maybe you’re traveling with others, then you’ll want to carry a multi-port USB charger. I’ve mentioned my Anker 4-port USB charger in other videos, and I highly recommend it for charging multiple devices at once, especially while traveling. Plus, you’ll be a hero at the airport if there aren’t enough plugs.

How do you carry your cables and chargers while traveling? Do you have any tips? If so, please share them below.

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  • I like Travelon’s sturdy and flexible packing envelopes. For tiny items like adapters & USB sticks, the long narrow envelope is perfect. Contents are visible & don’t shift as they would with a more square envelope. Fits in a pocket or shoe!
    For cords, the square bags are great. I wrap each cord around itself a few times, making a circle. This keeps cords separate, so they can be removed individually. Amazon offers cords in various colors, making them easier to locate.
    Love your videos!


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