Traveling for a formal event can often be challenging, especially when you need to bring formal attire with you. One thing that I have often wondered is, “how to pack a suit?” In this video/post, I want to show you a quick and easy way to pack a suit jacket in your suitcase. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to do it. However, most follow the same general idea and principle.

To start, you’ll want to push one shoulder inside out, then tuck the other shoulder into it, trying to match the seams. You’ll want the sleeves to fall straight down on top of one another. From here, you lay the jacket down and roll it from the top to bottom. You don’t want to roll it too tight, but just enough that you can place it into your bag or suitcase.

Some people like to fold their jackets instead of rolling it. I’m not opposed to it. I think you should use whatever method works best for you. For me, rolling the jacket seems to work well to minimize the creases.

In addition, here are a couple of tips to consider when packing a suit (or any formalwear).

1. Consider wearing the jacket on the plane:

If you want to avoid packing your jacket, you may want to wear it on the plane or place it in the overhead bin. This might save a few wrinkles as well as some space in your bag.

2. Use a large packing cube:

Those of you that have been watching this channel know that I love packing cubes, and really anything that helps organize your suitcase when traveling. For suits, I recommend placing them in a large packing cube. It not only keeps your suitcase tidy, but it helps keep the jacket tightly rolled and minimizes the amount of movement while in my bag.

3. Try not to overstuff your suitcase:

You don’t want to pack so much stuff that you end up crushing the jacket in your bag. Ideally, you want your bag to be full, so the garment doesn’t move around, but not overloaded. You don’t want to have to sit on your suitcase in order to get it closed.

4. Utilize your hotel’s pressing services:

Most hotels offer some sort of pressing service. Prices will vary depending on your destination and hotel. However, if you’re attending a special event or an important interview, it might be worth using the hotel’s service to look sharp.

5. Take a hot shower:

This is a trick that a lot of business travelers use. When taking a hot shower, hang your suit or dress in the bathroom. The steam from the shower will help to release some of the wrinkles from your clothes. This isn’t foolproof, but I’ve used it multiple times for different types of clothing, and it definitely seems to help.

6. Use a garment bag:

A garment bag is a great idea if you happen to be traveling by car or train. However, I’m a bit hesitant to recommend them for air travel, only because I’ve seen people be forced to check in their garment bags at the gate. Also, if you’re like me and prefer not to check in a bag when traveling, the garment bag usually counts as your carry-on bag, which can be difficult.

Do you have any tips for transporting formalwear when traveling? If so, please share them in the comment section below.

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