The Pacsafe Travelsafe is a portable travelsafe that allows you to secure your belongings wherever you travel. In our opinion, it’s one of the best portable travelsafe options out there and is a great way to protect your valuables in your room, the beach, the pool, or any place on your trip.


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I know many of you have encountered this scenario before. You’ve decided that you’re going to keep your money and passport secure in the hotel safe while traveling, only to discover that your hotel doesn’t have one! Or even worse, it doesn’t lock properly! Maybe the hotel offers a front desk service to hold your stuff, but you’re a little weary. What do you do?

Today we’re reviewing a product that has helped me on such occasions. It’s a travel safe made by Pacsafe. It’s basically a portable safe that fits easily in your travel bag and is tough enough to store your valuables in your room.

As I mentioned in my Travel Wallet video, I like to keep my passport, cash, and other valuables in my room. I only carry what I need during the day, which includes some cash, a credit card or two, and photocopy of my passport. Having the TravelSafe allows me to do so, regardless of whether there is a safe in my room.

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I used the bag when I traveled through Southeast Asia, and it worked great. There were a few hotels where the safe was either missing or not working properly. Having the option to still secure my passport and cash in my room gave me peace of mind. I’ve also used it at the pool and beach when I knew I would be away from my valuables and wanted to keep my belongings secure while swimming.


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The entire bag is reinforced with a stainless steel wire mesh that’s laminated into the fabric. This means that it would be a struggle to cut through with most knives and scissors.

The safe has a soft polyester lining inside to protect your valuables. The fabric is also water resistant, which makes it also useful if you want to secure some items next to the pool.

Now I’m sure if someone really wanted to cut or steal it, they probably could. But it would require some heavy tools like a bolt cutter, and I honestly don’t think that the average housekeeper or thief would make the effort. Most petty crimes are based on opportunity and difficulty, which makes this set-up quite ideal. Plus, it beats hiding my belongings in my suitcase or backpack and using my flimsy luggage lock.


inside view of pacsafe travel safe

In terms of size, they offer two size models – one in 5L and the other in 12L. The 5L is pretty compact but can hold a standard size iPad or a small 13-inch laptop.

Ease of Use

To secure the bag, you close the bag tightly and loop the cable around a stationary or unmovable fixture. In most cases, I’ll loop the cable around a bathroom pipe under the sink or a metal bed frame. You then secure the cable and bag with a lock.

The TravelSafe includes a combination lock, but I opted to use a more heavy duty lock. Just make sure you check the gauge of the lock – I went through a couple before I found one that fit!

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