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Today we’re reviewing the Priority Pass restaurant credit and sharing top tips for making the most of this valuable perk.

Priority Pass Overview

Priority Pass lounge access is a popular perk for some of the premium credit cards, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Platinum, and Citi Prestige. The benefit gives you access to 1,000 lounges in 500 cities and 130 countries. We definitely love having it and have used it quite a bit when traveling. In fact, I think we used it seven times last year, mostly when we were traveling in Europe.

Some of the lounges were pretty basic, but others were really nice. The fact that we were able to eat and drink for free definitely helped us to save money, and was a lot more comfortable than waiting near the gate. Plus, the wifi is usually better in the lounges, so it helps when trying to get some work done.

Priority Pass Restaurant Credit

One thing that I recently learned is that Priority Pass now provides restaurant benefits to its members, especially in airports where they don’t have a lounge arrangement. We noticed this recently while flying out of Denver.

We searched on the Priority Pass app for a lounge and found that the airport didn’t have one, but instead was offering a $28 credit at a restaurant in the airport called Timberline Steaks and Grille.

How to Use the Priority Pass Restaurant Credit

Each restaurant offers a different reimbursement amount, mostly between $28 to $30. To use the benefit, all you have to do is show up to the restaurant and let them know that you plan to use the credit before being seated or placing your order.

You don’t have to register online, but you may have to show your membership, either in digital form or with the physical card. Some also have fine print in regards to the gratuity and alcohol, and whether it is included in the credit.

You’ll want to make sure that you review all the details before going in so you’re not caught off guard with the final bill.

Top Tips for using Priority Pass Restaurant Credit

If you do plan to use this benefit, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You can bring one guest 

All the restaurant offers that I saw allowed you to bring one guest to the restaurant to also receive the benefit. For example, if I was at the Miami airport, I would receive a $30 credit for dining at the Corona Beach House. But if I was traveling with Fiona, she could be my guest and I would get a $60 credit for our combined meals.

2. Bring your Priority Pass card as a backup

While I noticed that most of the restaurants listed showed the ability to scan the digital priority pass card, you may want to still pack your traditional plastic membership card just to be safe. You definitely don’t want to lose the opportunity because their digital card reader is down.

3. International airports are included

If you look at the list, you’ll see that many international locations are included. For example, Australia has several restaurants listed in their Brisbane International Airport. This perk is definitely not limited to US lounges.

4. Check the dress code

I noticed that some of the restaurants have dress code requirements. Make sure you check the details, especially if you’re dressed casually at the airport.

In Summary

Overall, I think this is an awesome benefit of the Priority Pass program and provides even more value. As you all know, food and drink purchases at the airport are expensive, so anything that can help to offset the cost is always welcome. It’s these sorts of benefits that help me to justify keeping my Chase Sapphire Reserve, even with the annual fee.

Have you tried using the Priority Pass restaurant credit benefit? If so, please share your experience in the comment section. And let us know if the food selection was good!


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  • Not only can Priorty Pass be used at lounges and some airport restaurants but it can also be used at some Minute Suites. For instance, in the Dallas airport you can get an hour free in a Minute Suite with each subsequent hour being discounted. While an hour isn’t much having a quite place to work/nap/watch tv is priceless.

    • That’s an awesome tip. Thanks for sharing, Anthony! I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m passing through Dallas. I’ve never been in a Minute Suite, but since I can never sleep on the plane, it might be a good place for me to catch a nap! ?


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