Being able to stay healthy while traveling is a challenge! Even though a lot of us travel to get away from the stress of our normal lives, it’s no secret that the process of traveling is rough on the body. I don’t know what it is, but even though I don’t often get sick in my daily life, I’ve gotten sick a few times while traveling. It’s not a fun experience. The time differences, changes in our diet, and lack of sleep, all contribute to lowering your immune system. And being in crowded places like airlines and airports probably doesn’t help either.

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

1. Get proper immunizations:

This is really important, especially when traveling to developing countries. You’ll want to see what the recommended immunizations are for your destination. I recommend checking out the US CDC website for specific guidelines. The site breaks out the recommended immunizations into three categories: all travelers, most travelers, and some travelers.

Another thing to consider is to get your immunizations sooner rather than later. Some immunizations or medications take a few weeks to be applied or active in your system, so you’ll want to give yourself at least a month to prepare for your trip.

2. Disinfect dirty surfaces (and your hands):

If you’ve seen a couple of our videos, you know how much I love sanitizing wipes. They are really useful for keeping notoriously dirty surfaces clean, like your airplane seat tray, and can also be used to clean your hands when you’re in a place where there isn’t running water in the bathroom. I honestly carry them everywhere, and they are one of the most useful items in keeping me healthy and clean when traveling.

3. Stay hydrated:

Being on a plane with low humidity can definitely lower your immune system and stress your body. I recommend sipping on water throughout your flight rather than drinking a lot at once, and also avoiding caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

4. Avoid unsafe drinking water:

You’ll definitely want to check whether your destination has clean drinking water. Luckily, bottled water tends to be an easy and accessible option when traveling.

5. Avoid uncooked foods:

Salads and raw foods tend to be an easy way to get sick, mostly due to being washed in unsafe water. It can be really hard to avoid too, especially when you order a sandwich and end up finding raw vegetables inside.

6. Eat probiotic foods:

One thing that I love to eat which I believe improves my immunity is yogurt. I’m also a bit cheap, so sometimes I’ll go to a local grocery store and buy yogurt instead of eating breakfast at a hotel to save money. Of course, there are other probiotic foods that you can eat that can help promote healthy and protective bacteria in your body. These foods can help promote good bacteria in your gut to protect you from illnesses.

7. Pick a window seat:

There is a lot of statistics that say that window seats are the healthiest seats since you’re less likely to be in contact with people going up and down the aisle. To be honest, I usually prefer an aisle seat just because it’s easier to go to the bathroom. But if you plan to sleep on the plane, having the window wall to rest your head against can be extremely helpful.

As an extra tip, I do recommend wiping down the window surface if you plan to rest your head against it. You never know if the person flying before you was sick, so it’s good practice just to minimize exposure. 

8. Wear a mask:

I’m not really going to tell you to do this, especially since I’ve never done it myself. But you’ll see a lot of folks, especially in Asia, wear the medical masks while traveling to avoid either spreading illness or being exposed to germs. While I think it’s probably very effective, I don’t know that I would feel comfortable wearing one. Not just because it looks uncomfortable, but sadly, I think I’m too self-conscious and would worry about others thinking that I’m sick or contagious.

9. Get plenty of sleep:

Sleep is a major contributor to your health, and particularly your immune system. Traveling can often hurt your ability to get consistent sleep. And throw in time differences and jet lag, and you’re talking about a lot of stress on the body.

I personally struggle to sleep on a plane, but I recently posted a video on what I do to rest and relax during flights.

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What things do you do to stay healthy while traveling? Please share your tips below in the comment section.


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