Black Friday is upon us, which means it’s a great time to shop for travel-related deals. In this post/video, we’re covering our top Black Friday travel deals. While there are tons of great deals out there, we wanted to share some of our favorite products and services.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. However, we wanted to share some products and services that we’ve personally used and enjoyed and can recommend without hesitation. 

1. GAdventures and Intrepid:

GAdventures and Intrepid are two group travel companies that I personally recommend for those looking for a small group travel experience. I personally have used GAdventures on two trips: one to Panama and the other to Southeast Asia. Both experiences were amazing! They handled all the logistics which is convenient when you’re crossing the border with visas. They also provided local tour guides who really understood the area and culture, and helped to maximize our experience.

Both companies promote responsible and sustainable travel too, which is important to me. I also like that while they are structured tours, they give you enough flexibility and free time to explore on your own. You get to choose which activities you want to do on most days. I’ve made some great friends on these trips from all over the world, so I highly recommend them if you’re a single traveler looking to meet new people while traveling.

I’ve not personally used Intrepid, but I know a lot of people who recommend them as well. I think the biggest difference between GAdventures and Intrepid is the demographic of travelers. My impression is that since Intrepid is an Australian based tour operator, you tend to have more Australians on the tour. While my experience on GAdventures is that we had a fairly strong mix of North Americans and European travelers.

Both GAdventures and Intrepid are running aggressive Black Friday sales, so check them out if you’re interested in booking a small group tour!

2. Fluenz:

If you’re looking to learn a new language in 2018, I highly recommend the language programs at Fluenz. I’ve used their Italian and Spanish program, and both were top notch. We’re planning to do a review of Fluenz in the near future. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out their language programs. At the moment, they offer Spanish (both from Spain and Latin America), French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Their approach to language learning is different than some other popular language programs. I thought their program was a great balance between teaching me useful phrases that I could use immediately on trips, while also teaching me building blocks to master the language. In fact, I thought that combining Fluenz with the free Duolingo app (Web | iOS | Android) gave me the most progress in the shortest amount of time when learning a language.

3. GoPro:

There are a ton of deals right now on GoPro cameras. It’s an awesome device to have while traveling, especially when doing adventurous activities. We recently used our older GoPro 4 Hero when we went swimming with whale sharks, and it made capturing the experience so seamless and easy. Rather than worrying about damaging your expensive smartphone or DSLR, you can submerge your GoPro without worry. Plus, there are a ton of cheap accessories and mounts that you can get to help capture the moment without getting in the way.

While there are a ton of different models to choose from, you may not need the latest and greatest model. If you’re only planning to use it while traveling, you might want to save a few dollars and pick up an older model, like the GoPro Hero 5. Keep in mind that all GoPro cameras have the same mounting set-up, so you can buy and use many of the inexpensive clips and mounts already available.

4. National Parks, REI, and Lyft:

Many national and state parks are offering free or discounted admission on November 24th, so it might be a great idea to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, REI announced this year that they are closing their stores on Black Friday and encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors with their OptOutside hashtag. Lyft decided to partner with REI, and is also offering $10 off rides to major parks (not just national parks) in 12 cities across the US. Not only do I think it’s great that REI is trying to encourage people, including their employees, to enjoy the day, but it’s a great opportunity to spend time at a national or state park in your area.

5. Travel Deal Tuesday:

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday tend to get most of the attention, it’s worth mentioning that the Tuesday after Thanksgiving tends to be the best day to pick-up travel deals, especially airline tickets. For those of you looking to book a flight, I highly suggest searching for fares on Travel Deal Tuesday. Even better, you may want to use an app like Hopper (iOS | Android) which can help track flight deals. All you have to do is enter your departure location and destination, and your dates of travel, and the app will actively monitor ticket prices and advise you when to buy based on historical trends. It’s a great way to automate the process and notify you as soon it finds a great price on tickets.

And those are our top deals for this holiday. If you have any questions or found an incredible deal online, let us know if the comment section below.

We hope you have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

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