We’re reviewing the Travelon Anti-theft Urban Incognito Backpack, a bag designed for the discreet and security-minded traveler. It is, in our opinion, one of the best anti-theft backpacks out there. Keep scrolling for your chance to win one of these awesome bags (worth $100)!

The kind folks at Travelon sent us one of their latest bags, the Anti-Theft Urban Incognito Backpack, to test out and review. Keep in mind that even though they sent me this backpack, this is not a paid review and we are not being influenced to evaluate this product in any way.

This bag is marketed as a backpack designed to outsmart the pickpocket and thief. Does it live up the hype? Let’s go through the highlights of the bag to find out.

Key Features

1. Slash-resistant body panels and straps

The outside-facing parts of the bag are all slash-resistant. While I don’t think the fabric is slash-resistant, it has a thick lining inside. This means that it wouldn’t be easy for a thief to cut through the material. Also, the additional thickness makes it water resistant.

2. Locking zippers

The main zipper on the back is concealed when you’re wearing the backpack. The zipper also has a locking mechanism designed to make it harder for pickpockets to get in.

It’s easy to undo when with both hands and when you’re looking at it, but it would be nearly impossible to undo while wearing the backpack.

3. Many sleeves and pockets

One side of the backpack has a padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate a 15.5-inch laptop, a tablet sleeve, and an RFID pocket. This is perfect for your sensitive cards and passport.

The other side has two organizer pockets and a key ring holder. The key ring comes with a small keychain LED flashlight, which is a nice bonus.

On the outside, there is a water bottle pocket on one side that has elastic allowing it to stretch.

4. Adjustable openings

In addition to the pockets and sleeves, the bag allows you to adjust the opening of your bag. This makes it useful when you’re carrying a lot of gear and want to unload the backpack with it facing down. Again, it’s a small thing, but it comes in handy.

5. Hidden pockets 

The bag has a ton of extra pockets, many of which are hidden and discreet. For example, there’s a large zipper pocket along the lower back area of the bag. There’s also another zipper pocket on one side which is useful since you can easily access it while keeping the backpack on one shoulder.

The pocket that I especially like is in the shoulder strap. This is a hidden “ninja” pocket where you can store a card or two. I used it to store my metro pass and loose change while traveling, and it worked well.

6. Spring-loaded shoulder strap 

There is a spring-loaded mechanism at the bottom of one of the shoulder straps allowing you to release it. At first, I didn’t quite know what it was for. But then it occurred to me that you can use it strap onto objects when you’re at a cafe or restaurant. Since many thieves will grab bags at cafes and run, this is an effective deterrent.

If I had to be nitpicky, the one thing I didn’t like is that shoulder straps seemed a bit too long. While I’m not a big or tall person, there seemed to be a lot of extra slack on the shoulder strap. Though since the strap includes an elastic band, I just double-backed the excess strap. But I still don’t know who would need that much shoulder strap!

7. Luggage loop

The backside has a loop that allows you to connect it to a rolling suitcase. Again, it’s a small and simple feature, but it’s so convenient when you’re traveling.

8. Mesh padding

As you’ve probably noticed, that back and straps have a padded mesh design that makes wearing the backpack comfortable. The mesh allows better airflow to keep you cool while wearing the bag while providing additional cushioning.

9. Stands upright

The backpack is designed to stay upright when placed on a flat surface. This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s very convenient. My normal work bag, for example, doesn’t stand upright so it’s constantly falling over whenever I go places.

10. Cost

The bag retails for around $100 on Travelon’s website and Amazon. The backpack is high-quality. You can tell that a lot of thought went into designing the backpack so it lives up to its promise of deterring pickpockets. It’s also a nice looking bag. The lack of visible pockets on the outside gives it a modern and minimalist look.

Final Thoughts

I am so impressed with this bag, and it’s one of the best anti-theft backpacks that I’ve tested to date. I’m even thinking of using it as my normal work bag instead of my normal Waterfield Staad backpack.

I love the security features and functional touches of the bag like the hidden pockets, detachable strap, and the ability to stand it upright. My Waterfield bag is nice, but I hate that it’s constantly falling over and is less versatile than the Travelon backpack.

Giveaway! *NOW CLOSED*

Another great thing about this bag is that Travelon didn’t just send me one — they sent me one to review and one to giveaway! You can enter to win using the form below or our entry page.

You don’t have to purchase anything, but there are multiple ways to enter and gain entries. By signing up for some of the social media channels, you’ll earn extra entries into the contest. The more options you complete, the more entries that you’ll earn. And of course, there’s no pressure to enter! We’ll randomly select our winner on June 9, 2018.

Keep in mind that the contest is only for US residents. Though if you’re not based in the US, don’t fret. We’re going to have another Amazon gift card giveaway that’s open to everyone when we get to 5,000 subscribers, which hopefully will be very soon.

Trip Astute Exclusive Discount

Travelon is offering our audience a 20% off discount code on their website. Just use code TRIPASTUTE-20 at checkout to receive the discount. We’re excited to share this offer with our audience since we’re fans of their products and love being able to save you some money.

I want to send a big “thank you” to Travelon for generously sending us the backpacks. I’ve been impressed with the innovation and quality in their products, and can easily recommend them for travelers.

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