As many of you know, we’re big fans of Travelon products. We’ve reviewed several of their products, such as the Anti-Theft Urban Incognito Backpack, Anti-Theft Lockdown Bag, and Urban Tech Accessory Organizer. In this video/post, we’re excited to share our Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack review. This is a great backpack or daypack for travelers looking for a more traditional and classic look and feel. Though the backpack is not old-fashioned, as it has some unique features specifically geared for travelers.

The kind folks at Travelon sent us their Anti-Theft Heritage backpack for us to test out and review. As with every product we review, we promise to only ever share our honest opinions. We are never influenced or pressured to review something a certain way, even if it’s given to us for free.

What we like about the Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage backpack

Let’s start with the features and highlights of this backpack.

1. Locking zippers:

If you look closely at the zippers, you’ll notice that all the main zippers on the backpack have a locking mechanism and loop. This allows you to secure the zipper and prevents pick-pockets from getting into the bag. This is especially useful if you’re traveling to places where pick-pocketing is rampant, like at Las Ramblas in Barcelona or the Louvre in Paris.

While the zippers are not cumbersome to unlock, they do require two hands in most cases. Since thieves tend to pick the easiest targets, this will likely deter most from even attempting to try pickpocketing the bag.

2. Slash-resistant body panels:

Inside the material on the lower half of the backpack and bottom is a stainless steel mesh cage that protects your bag from slashing. Slashing your bag, which causes the contents to fall out, is one of the most common ways that thieves will try to steal from you. I witnessed this in Rome when a thief cut open the bottom of a person’s backpack. After all his belongings fell out, several thieves came by and ran off with his valuables. Having a steel mesh cage built into the bag protects your belongings from such an attack.

3. Laptop sleeve:

The backpack also has a padded laptop sleeve inside that can easily accommodate a 15.5-inch laptop.

4. Cut resistant straps:

As with most Travelon gear, even the straps are lined with stainless steel cables that are slash and cut resistant.

5. Many pockets:

In addition to the main section of the backpack, there are three smaller pockets. The larger of the three pockets has a keychain holder with an LED light, organizer slots for sunglasses and electronics, and a zipper pocket with RFID protection. This is a great place to put sensitive items like your passport or contactless credit cards.

6. Expandable side pocket:

The bag has an elastic mesh side pocket that is expandable for water bottles, tripods, or umbrellas. I like that the pocket can be zipped when not in use to keep it from catching onto things.

7. Backside slot:

The backside has a slot allowing you to connect it to the handles of wheeled suitcases. This is extremely convenient when traveling, and gives your back a break when carrying a heavy load.

8. Additional straps:

The backpack has additional loose straps in the front, allowing you to connect and hold items. You can use these straps to attach a GoPro camera or your sunglasses when not in use.

9. Water resistant:

The cotton canvas material is water resistant. While I wouldn’t recommend wearing it outside when it’s pouring rain without a cover, it should survive some light rainfall, especially when traveling.

Things wewish were included with the Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage backpack

There are basically two things that I wish the backpack included:

1. Padding and wicking on the backside:

Most of my backpacks have additional padding and wicking on the backside, which helps manage sweat and keep your back cool when traveling to hot and humid places. Travelon has incorporated this feature in a lot of their other bags, so I would love to see them add it to the Heritage backpack. It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind.

2. Chest strap:

I like having a chest strap, especially when I’m carrying a heavy load. I know it’s not the most fashionable feature. Though from a functional perspective, chest straps help to reduce the strain of a heavy bag. Again, it’s not a must-have feature, but I’d love to see it added to a future version of this bag.

Final thoughts

Overall, I think the Heritage backpack is another great bag from Travelon. It has that classic look and feel, while still incorporating several modern and secure features to protect the traveler. I appreciate that Travelon is constantly looking for ways to evolve normal products with more security features. I think the zippers alone are ingenious and wish all my travel bags had the same feature. It would give me more confidence when walking through crowded places when traveling.

The Anti-theft Heritage backpack is $110 on Travelon’s website, but I noticed that you can pick it up for much cheaper on sites like Amazon and eBags. Though if you do prefer to order directly from Travelon, they are offering our viewers 20% off any Travelon products. Just head to the checkout and enter our discount code TRIPASTUTE-20. You’ll also get free shipping on orders over $35.

Lastly, stay tuned for our Friday video/post. We’ll be announcing our summer giveaway which includes a Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack.

Do you have a Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack? What do you think of the security features on this backpack?

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