In the first installment of our new Travel Creator Series, we interview Dustin from Waller’s Wallet. Dustin has an awesome YouTube channel where he shares very practical credit card tips, tricks, and reviews. You can follow him on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Man with excited expression standing in front of "The Bean" in Chicago
The Bean had been on my list to see for a while, I’m sure you can see my excitement as I was able to finally check that off my growing travel list!

Tell us about your channel:

I have actually been in the blog world for a few years. I had my own blog for a bit, then I was offered to contribute to a larger blog and took that opportunity. I’ve considered restarting my blog in addition to my Youtube channel, but I enjoy contributing.

My family and friends come to me anytime they have a travel or credit card question. A while ago, I had helped a friend and his wife over Skype by talking about credit cards and ways to reduce their travel cost. A few months later they were in town for a visit and my friend told me I should start creating videos to talk about points and credit cards.

I honestly never thought about Youtube as a way to talk about points, miles, or travel. He told me I had a lot of enthusiasm and you can tell I really like talking about travel and credit cards. After more discussion, I decided to jump into the Youtube world and begin creating content.

When I decided to start creating content, it took me out of my comfort zone. It is very different than blogging. There is a more personal aspect to it, and you put yourself out there for people to watch. It is a lot of fun, and the more I create videos, the more I enjoy it.

What makes your content unique and different?

I think my straightforwardness and enthusiasm when it comes to talking about credit cards and points.

I don’t have affiliate links and I actually prefer it that way. I see too many people recommend certain cards that have inferior bonuses or offers that aren’t good. As the game changes and banks really tighten up, it is important for people to get the best offers they can.

I’m always trying to look after my viewers’ best interest when it comes to offers. I want them to see the world for less.

Large temple in Barcelona called La Sagrada Familia with four pillars and tourists walking by
Using Delta miles, we were able to travel to Barcelona and see the La Sagrada Familia. This is probably the most impressive cathedral I have ever seen!

What are your top three travel items, tools, or gear?

Eek, to only pick three is tough, because there are so many great things out there! Besides my normal everyday electronics, these are three things I really like to have when I travel:

1. RAVPower Bank

I am a very mobile person and when I am traveling this is great to have. My RAVPower Bank is 22,000 mAh, so I can charge my device for a week without needing to recharge my battery pack. This is great when I am exploring a city and need to recharge my phone.

2. Mobile Passport (iOS|Android)

This has saved me so much time coming back through customs when coming back into the country. I typically come back into the country via JFK and I am usually through customs within 5 to 15 minutes. This app lets me bypass the lines and this should definitely be an app you use.

3. Packing Cubes

It might sound funny, but these cubes really help me stay organized when it comes to packing. I put my clothes into these and these fit into my Tucano Tugo Small Travel Backpack.

What is your best travel tip, advice, or hack?

Anytime I talk about shopping portals, many people tell me they forget to use one. This is a great way to earn rewards beyond your credit card rewards for purchases.

This can help make your next trip happen much sooner than you expect. Use to check for the best portal payout.

This has helped me earn thousands of points and a lot of cashback, all on purchases I planned to make anyway.

What is your favorite travel experience and/or destination?

Probably my best travel experience was when my wife and I surprised my Mother-in-Law with a trip to Hawaii. Points and miles are great, but they are even better when you can make someone’s dream trip a reality.

Two smiling ladies holding wine glasses
Points are meant to make memories and these two smiling are a great reminder of that! Teaching my Mother-in-Law about points (and helping her redeem her miles) was a great way for my wife and me to spend time with her!

My favorite destination … that is another tough one because I feel like I have seen some pretty incredible places. Budapest was an absolutely amazing place to see and experience. It was my first trip to Europe and it was that trip that gave me the travel bug.

What is something that people may not know about you?

I grew up in a military family and lived in a few different states. I now live in Maine with my wife and two kitty cats. When I am not talking points/miles or travel, I am working my normal job as a pharmacist.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our viewers?

There are so many ways to travel and see the world for less. It may seem daunting at first, but ask questions! We were all new once and I feel the community is great about helping each other.

I’d like to thank Ernest and Trip Astute for having me be part of this series!

Safe travels and take care!

A tourist standing by Acropolis in Athens, ancient ruins with large sandy pillars
Athens was great and the Acropolis was amazing to see. Even better, it was off-season travel, which meant there were very few people there!
If you’re a travel content creator and are interested in being interviewed, please let us know. We are looking for new creators, both from YouTube and the blog world, to feature in our series.
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