One of the biggest annoyances when traveling has been my sunglasses slipping off my face when I’m sweaty. This is particularly an issue when I’m hiking or doing anything active outside. In this video/post, I want to share an inexpensive but effective product that resolved this issue. They’re called WedGees, and despite their funny name, they have become an essential accessory for my sunglasses.

How I found WedGees

For past few months, I’ve been thinking of purchasing a pair of running sunglasses to address this issue. Though I was determined to find a better solution. I love my Maui Jim Eh Brah sunglasses, so I searched on Amazon for products that might help. I had tried the sticky nose pads in the past. While they worked, they would soak up my sweat and fall off at the worst possible times. They also tended to shift the lenses higher which never felt quite right to me. 

I came across a product called WedGees which looked interesting and had great reviews. For less than $6, I got two pairs off Amazon. Apparently, they’ve been around for a long time. The WedGees website has a cheesy TV infomercial which would normally turn me off. Though after trying them out, I am happy to report that they work as advertised!

What are WedGees?

WedGees are rubber blocks that you add to the tips of your sunglass arms. They add a bit more friction to the side of your head, keeping the glasses tight and secure. Even when doing strenuous hikes and being covered in sweat, I’ve noticed that my sunglasses stay in place. They’ve honestly worked better than I expected.

The WedGees are also low profile. Mine tend to sit right behind my ear, so you can’t tell that I’m even wearing them unless you look carefully from behind. Not that I’m overly concerned with my appearance, but I prefer solutions that don’t distract from the product. Similar to putting your phone in a case, which can alter the look and feel. The same can occur with sunglasses.

The WedGees can be used with regular glasses as well. They have two holes that allow you to fit any size frame arm through the hole. Once you get the arm through the hole, you simply slide them to the preferred location. You’ll have to adjust it a few times until you find how tight or loose you want them, but it’s very easy. The WedGees stay in place too. They’re tight enough to hold their position, but not too tight that can’t adjust them if necessary.

Final thoughts

Other than the goofy name, I can’t think of any drawbacks to this device. They are extremely easy to put on and off, but honestly, I keep them on most times since they’re so convenient. They are noticeable when I first put on my sunglasses, but not once I start moving around.

For less than $6 for two pairs, I think these are a steal. If you’re someone who struggles with this issue and doesn’t want to buy an ultralight pair of running glasses, then it’s worth checking out. I was ready to buy another pair of sunglasses for running and hiking, but now I can use my Maui Jim Eh Brah sunglasses, which have polarized lenses made from super thin glass. Even though they are heavier, I prefer the quality of the optics. I’m grateful that I can now use them as my active and travel sunglasses.

Do you struggle with your glasses or sunglasses sliding off your face? I know there are several other solutions out there, so let me know if you’ve found one that works well for you.

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