Why Trip Astute?

We wanted to share why we created Trip Astute, and how it’s different from other travel sites and channels.

What makes Trip Astute different?

There are so many awesome travel vlogs out there, and we’ve definitely been inspired by many of them. Where I think we differ in that the channel is focused more on helping you get the most of your trip, whether it’s your first trip to Europe, or your tenth trip to South America. A lot of travel bloggers/vloggers want to showcase where they have been, but we are more focused in helping you get there and maximizing your experience through the journey.

What are the guiding principles at Trip Astute?

At Trip Astute, we believe that traveling is like an education. It’s an experience that not only helps you grow, but is something that becomes a part of you forever. Unlike material things, no one can take away the experiences and insights you gain while traveling.

Like any organization, we have guiding principles that we follow at Trip Astute:

1. Encourage curiosity and adventure, without promoting overwhelming risk

We want you to have fun and experience new things, but not at the expense of your safety.

2. Share shortcuts and tips, but always within the law

Like principle #1, we want you to be efficient, but never at the expense of placing you at risk of being arrested or in violation of any laws.

3. Promote respect and responsibility to the people and environments that we visit

To us, being astute means respecting the places and people that we visit at all times.

4. Embrace and learn from the unexpected

Things change all the time, especially when you’re traveling. Travel with an open mind and heart, and you’ll see and experience things you never could have planned or expected.

What is the goal of Trip Astute?

We want to make the experience of travel less daunting, whether it’s figuring out how to travel for free (or nearly free), or even having the confidence to tackle unexpected situations. We want to be a travel resource for folks at all levels of experience and develop a community where people can share ideas and advice.

At Trip Astute, we are strongly inspired by a quote from Louis Pasteur:

“Chance favors the prepared mind”

By making you more prepared for your trip, we hope that chance will find you in your adventures.

Travel safe. Travel Smart.


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